Acid Gas Removal Unit
New Fabrication - Ready to Ship Worldwide

Marketed Exclusively by Total Energy Corp.

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Heat Exchanger Skids

Membrane Skid (Qty.4)

Regeneration Economizer Skid

Regeneration Gas Fin Fan Cooler

Regeneration Gas Heater Skid

Regeneration Preheat Skid

TSA Silical Gel Bed Adsorber Skid (Qty.2)

TSA Silica Gel Bed Vessel (Qty.3)

More vessel photos in
AGRU Details Packet Here: AGRU Details

The acid gas removal unit is a combination of skid mounted packages and stand alone vessels that are brand new fabrication and ready to ship anywhere in the World.

The unit was designed to condition 170MMSCFD of natural gas by reducing carbon dioxide and hydrogen disulfide contents to managable levels, as well as reducing water content.

This complete unit comes with a performance warranty as well as engineering services available through Air Liquide - Advanced Business & Technologies.

For more details about this unit, its operating criteria, equipment contents, and a complete engineeering description, please click on the link here: AGRU Details




















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