The Total Energy Advantage



Total Energy’s quoted prices are fixed and not subject to any surcharges.

Sales contracts for new ASME tanks contain a clause referencing potential additional surcharges tied to the cost of steel commodity prices due to the volatility of the steel market. These surcharges can be significant.


Total Energy tanks come fully equipped with all existing tank trim. 

No tank trim is included.

10-year warranty on all ASME tanks in the US & Canada:
 Total Energy will repair any defects or replace the tank at our expense. 

One year warranty.

Total Energy tanks are in stock, ready and waiting to meet your construction schedule.

Delivery time for new tanks is dependent on a production schedule and subject to production delays and material shortages.  If additional tanks are ordered later, their prices and delivery times would be subject to a new contract and new production schedules.  Current fabrication time for a new tank can be  6-12 months, not including any potential delays.


Older tanks were built with a superior standard, having been engineered and constructed with a safety factor of 4 to 1.

New tanks are manufactured to the current ASME Code safety factor of only 3.5 to 1.


Since Total Energy does not need to move our tanks immediately, any delays in the end user's permitting or construction timeframe can be easily accommodated. 

Once produced, newly ordered tanks must be delivered and cannot be stored at the manufacturer's location.


Total Energy is capable of delivering up to eight 50,000 gallon tanks or larger and up to six 30,000 gallon tanks or smaller at a time.


Typically, new tanks are delivered 2 at a time, and not back to back resulting in additional costs and scheduling uncertainties for the end user.

Purchasing directly from Total Energy will mean no contractor mark-up.


A typical contractor mark-up for new tanks is 10 – 20% on the purchase of new tanks and components.

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